Ankai bus to the world of new energy

  Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd. Vice President, General Manager Mr. Wang Xianfeng Wang Xianfeng International: Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished leaders, colleagues, ladies and media friends, good afternoon, very pleased and very grateful organizers for inviting me to participate in this forum, my speech is entitled "New Energy Bus Application and Development in China", the content is divided into three areas.
  I was in charge of international business, including our internal management and the markets, including the marketing department is under my charge, we study all these years this is my responsibility, just now we tread the bus industry as a whole that is very good, and I in the above with a relatively short period of time with you comb.
  The first aspect is the new energy passenger car industry, market situation, a private car is the phenomenon of new energy vehicle development, we all know, we are now the country's new energy to the development of hybrid electric fuel cell. We are also in the international process and a number of international companies in the new energy, is a pure electric vehicle development in the world, we have, and Spain, Madrid city (offer picture parameters) of co-operation projects, they found us to do this project . Why did you find us? I asked the leaders of the individual, how do you find Kai? He said two things, so I first moved, first sentence, said he found a bit in the world, which country do the best electric car of the country, like in China. In China, find a moment to do the best, in the Kai. So I went to Kai.
  Madrid is the last year a number of tenders, tender documents required, and finally do not have a supplier in the world to be marked, so he would take the initiative to find our cooperation in this project. This is the world's development. Two days ago I received a very small country, Minister of the Indian Ocean island. He must also address environmental issues, energy issues and then one is, so he sought such a pure electric. On Saving Energy in the future in the world have a strong, just Mr. Wu said, the whole of our recent development of new energy is electric-based, future fuel cell-based, which proposed the development of our Science and Technology strategy is consistent.
  Our new energy vehicles domestic market conditions, the first is the government's active promotion of the country from "95" began to research and development of electric vehicles included in the national development plan, as well as a complete development system, in fact, we countries in promoting new energy in the process, is to have a complete development system, a pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, including our power train, drive motor, electronic control technology, which is our national policy given on the great support and tilt.
  The third aspect of the industrialization of the market, beginning to take shape toward the city, just the total Tao also said, really done a very good operation. So this is our national government to vigorously promote the practice of the country's new energy vehicles. New energy automobile market, the domestic situation, the domestic passenger car market in the early growth of new energy and great potential, the country's policy of self-interest support, Demonstration cities is increasing. Demonstration is now the city to 25 cities. Kai all the new energy vehicles has already covered 17 cities in transport.

TIME:2012-06-08 0:00:00