Zhongtong New Energy Bus Sale Appears a Small Climax


Zhongtong New Energy Bus Sale Appears a Small Climax

www.chinabuses.org: Recently it is learned from Zhongtong New Energy Sales Department that they secured a series of new energy bus orders from Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Shandong and Hebei these provinces successfully after the big order of 300 new energy buses from Jinan City, capital of Shandong province, last year. Currently Zhongtong Bus is participating bidding for new energy buses in many other provinces. 


Zhongtong new energy buses run in different areas

Since Zhongtong Bus set up its new energy bus research and development strategy in 2004, the new energy bus products and its technology of Zhongtong Bus have been adjusting all the time. And now, the sales of co-axial parallel hybrid buses that operates in 28 cities account for over 95 percent of its total new energy bus sales.

The technology development of plug-in hybrid and pure electric commercial vehicles of Zhongtong Bus was supported and included in 2012 Annual New Energy Vehicle Industry Project. In the commercial vehicle industry, there were only three enterprises won the support, which shows the special leading place of Zhongtong Bus in the new energy vehicle technology innovation.

During the “Ten Cities, Thousand New Energy Vehicles” period, Zhongtong Bus grasped the opportunity  and obtained a big order to realize its new energy bus commercialization. Every step of Zhongtong Bus development can’t go without the correct strategy guide. Zhongtong new energy buses are going further under the transformation and upgrading strategy.

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TIME:2013-04-09 0:00:00