Shantou digital transit bus line to promote the construction of intelligent public transportation sy

The city started a number of convenient public transportation projects
Opening of the new line 9 into 90 buses, at bus intelligent pilot spearheaded Chaonan
  WASHINGTON (Reporter Wei hope students) put in a new bus, opened a new bus lines, bus lines optimized update pilot smart bus, bus card and broaden promote high-speed rail services face ...... Yesterday morning, the City Transportation Bureau plaza in front of the train station to start a Batch convenient public transportation projects. According to reports, Recently, the city added a total of 90 buses, the newly opened line 9, and effectively improve public transit service level and quality of service for the public to enjoy a more convenient, safe and comfortable transportation travel environment.

  In recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to public transportation, and actively implement the national, provincial priority to the development of urban public transport work arrangements. City Transportation Department in carrying out the Party's mass line educational activities, adhere to continuously meet the travel needs of the people as the starting point and goal, to create livelihood transportation, service area population, building broad coverage, the continuous extension of the public transport service system . Currently, the city's actual operating line 114, a total of 1,168 buses. It is reported that, in order to supplement the public to use travel choices Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway, opened the first road 4 181,218,311 and 513 bus lines connecting high-speed rail station, the original center of the eastern and western urban areas were adjusted for the East Line 1, Line 2 East and West Line 1, Line 2 West, convenient Center City, Chenghai District, Chaoyang District, and Chaonan people ride high-speed rail; For the convenience of the North-South Area citizens to travel at night, for the first time to connect the city center to open two Haojiang night bus line; as Pu Lin convenient and  Area public and industrial parks staff travel, opening 41 bus lines. On the basis of the opening of the new bus lines, optimal adjustment of the first half of this year, some bus lines, including 44 new road extending to Sibei Nakamura, 47 Terminal Road extends to Lushan Road, 101 Road, extending to the People's Square, the first 42, 44-way partial trimming, etc.; against the masses present section fare bus lines can not use public transportation IC card drive problems, charging through a trial run of the segmented line card device for some time, now, the first 33,33 B , 35,36,37,101,102,103 road eight bus lines swipe equipment installation work has been completed, people rely on public transportation IC card swipe my car classification.

  In addition, the city bus in Chaonan pioneered intelligent pilot. At present, the city bus passenger Limited 510 Jinyuan Road, 513 Road, a total of two pilot intelligent transportation construction lines, the first update into 30 buses, all using intelligent management scheduling system. According to reports, intelligent transportation system in addition to providing scientific management for the company, but also can be implemented in a computer via the Internet, mobile phones and other intelligent terminal query system that allows the public to grasp each car line, real-time vehicle operation information for each site, to solve the blind waste waiting time problem.

TIME:2014-06-15 23:23:00