CNG Gas Leakage Annunciator

There are mainly two types of gas leakage annunciator we manufacture, i.e. LPG gas leakage annunciator and CNG gas leakage annunciator. They are used for detecting gas leaks on the bus and they can also display the temperature of the engine. 
    Equipped with alarm buzzers, the gas leakage annunciator is fixed on the instrument desk. For every gasholder, there is an indicator, a test switch and a temperature display. Before booting the annunciator up, the driver is required to press the test switch. In this case, the indicator, which is green, will turn red and the buzzers begin to ring. Unpress the switch, the indicator will turn green again and the buzzers stop ringing.
    The indicator would turn red and the buzzers ring when the concentration of the gas is higher than 3000 PPM. When the concentration is no higher than 3000 PPM, the color of the indicator is green and the buzzers do not ring.
    If the wire connected the gasholder and the signal processing part is unlinked, the corresponding indicator will flash both red and green lights. The temperature of the engine is displayed on the panel. When the temperature is higher than 85℃ the buzzers will ring and vice versa.


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