Vehicle Video Recorder

Mobile MPEG4 DVR Sys

  • Power source: DC 12V/DC 24V
  • Size:
  • EDR410H/810H:320mm(L)×215mm(W)×100mm(H)
  • EDR410M/810M:320.8mm(L)×215mm(W)×109.9mm(H)
  • Weight: 4.85KG
  • Work temperature: 0℃~+50℃

    ■ Video recording and video playback can be at the same time;
■ MPEG4 digital compression technology to stored on the hard disk, long-definition video and clarity, solve the problem that can not be a long time recording and preservation of the traditional video;
■Kinds of recording speed, use the NTSC / PAL up to 60/50 Images per second;
■ With the recording function;
■ With the displacement detection function;
■ 3.5-inch hot-plug hard drive design for uninterruptible power swap, and support online safety locking of the hard drives;
■ Support the Internet to operate the remote monitoring;
■ RS232 and RS485 ports support proximal or remote control;
■ With positive, reverse and fast, slow playback function;
■ Easy to use, both VCR and multi-processor capabilities;
■ List display interface and support multiple languages;
■ All kinds of bioscope is used;
■ USB device is supported for file copying;
■ Real-time monitoring of the engine speed, vehicle speed, GPS location and so on.

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