Bus Announcer System

GPS Bus Line Announcer System

  • Working voltage: DC12~35V
  • Max audio power: 20W×2
  • Audio output impedance:4~8 ohm
  • Memory: 2 giga-byte
  • Audio formats: mp3
  • Bus line storage: 100 pieces; 12MB for each

       NAME                         TYPE                          FUNCTION
ANNOUNCER               TD-D-09-2411          100 Line can be stored
ANNOUNCER               TD-D-09-2412          100 Line can be stored, MP3 play
GPS ANNOUNCER       TD-D-09-2413          100 Line can be stored, MP3 play, GPS

Product characteristic:
1. Customers can edit / download / copy the audio information on their own (software for editing is provided for free. ).
2. The bus line announcer system is equipped with a port for SD card and MMC card, with which, the route information can be updated easily.
3. 100 pieces of the bus line information can be stored in each system with a memory of 12 M (max) for each line. For each line, 128 bus stops for up-train and 128 for down-train can be stored.
4. It transmits the bus line information and other expressions shown on the LED display.  Languages of different countries can be used for broadcasting.
5. The system is equipped with a hand mic which can broadcast and play music instantly, including mp3 files.
6. The bus line announcer system is also designed as the controller of the dynamic destination board. Information of the bus stop is displayed on the LED board simultaneously with the switching of the bus stop.
7. Stable, reliable and anti jamming.
8. The system equipped with GPS can announce the information of the bus stop automatically when it arrives at the stops.

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